This technology is developed to answer the problems of organic solid waste that is the majority in MSW in Indonesia. This technology is developed using and old container. The combination of aerobic in the early stage with anaerobic afterward is able to convert many sort of organic waste into biogas and compost. This medium scale technology can be easily multiplicated to fit the required capacity.

Container Reactor for Biogas Production

National Patent Number: P00202010561


This technology can convert plastic waste fraction of MSW into strong paving block without any binder of cements addition. Plastic waste after being crushed is mixed with sand and heated using biogas stove. After the plastic melt and homogenous then the hot mixture is poured into casting machine with different shape as needed. The mixture of sand and melted plastics can form very strong paving blocks.

Waste to Paving Block Mixture Apparatus

National Patent Number: P00201810050


Black soldier fly maggots is now considered as the most promising organic waste bioconversion, since this method can produce feed and fertilizer in the same time. The BSF larvae is very fast in digesting organic waste such as food waste and animal waste and converting it into body mass. The adult larvae can be harvested to be used as fish and poultry feed. While the remaining of the digestion process can be used as fertilizer. This bioconversion is successful to be applied in many places

BSF Duplicate Technology

  • Taman Pintar (Dinas Pariwisata DIY)
  • Dusun Kronggahan dan Rumah Sakit Akademik UGM


This rotary composter can reduce the composting time up to half of the normal time at about 30 days. The rotating barrel can be loaded from one side and harvested the compost from the other side everyday. This technology also can minimize the bad odor during composting. Thus, this method is suitable for easily degraded organic material such as food waste and manure.


This technology consists of several equipment which are rotary dryer, disc mill, ribbon mixer, and extruder. This technology can be used for fertilizer blending of organic and inorganic fertilizer or any other type of fertilizer. This technology also can be used for feed production.


This small hydrothermal unit own by RESWAT is mainly for research purposes. This technology is the future of MSW treatment, since this method does not require waste segregation and can handle wet materials such as food waste, green waste and sludge. However since this technology require high pressure, the equipment cost is still very high. The challenge of cost is necessary to be overcome as soon as possible in order to implement this technology widely.


This old technology is still relevant today. We have pyrolysis reactor with various types from small scale to medium scale of pyrolysis. The pyrolysis with catalyst column is also available mostly for research purpose to produce high quality fuel from plastic waste.

Biomass and agro industrial waste such as rejected seed is interesting to be pyrolyzed to produce high quality bio-char with already in the perfect shape and size for most of field application.

Pyrolysis Plastic Waste

  • Plastic Chopper
  • Plastic Dryer
  • Pyrolysis : 5 units

Pyrolysis Plastic Waste into Fuel

  • The plastic waste is heated then passed through the catalyst and condensed
  • Obtained fuel equivalent to diesel and gasoline


Pyrolysis Oil Purification Equipment
National Patent Number: S00201908871